Scott and Bridget met in 1993 and were married in 2001. In September of 2003 we welcomed our first miracle, James. 16 months later we brought home our second miracle, Annie. And in October of 2006 our family was complete with miracle #3, Gracie. Rett syndrome entered our lives when Annie was diagnosed on May 19, 2006. This is the life of the MacDonald family as we juggle 3 small children and battle Rett Syndrome until Gods perfect time when we are cured.

Friday, October 15, 2010

It could always be worse.

So lately with the kiddos going back to school, Annie getting a whole new team, training said team, Gracie starting a new school and having some ( OK tons!) of separation issues, trying to get involved with a new PTA, trying to volunteer in all 3 classrooms, not to mention the typical stuff, therapy, church, Awana (Wed. night church) and of course Annie's allergies and sicknesses, oh and the new eye gaze computer that we've been trying to figure out, and the upcoming IEP, did I forget anything? Oh, the rett syndrome walk-a-thon, Rett syndrome awareness week, James getting 3 teeth pulled,
hmmmm, OK, I think that's it.

Anyways, with ALL of that going on I have been pretty wrapped up in myself and my family lately. Which is a good thing most of the time but some times it can feel VERY self centered.

That's really the way I've been feeling lately.

Self-centered, bitter, angry with my circumstances, and feeling a total lack of support and empathy for anyone dealing with anything other than rett syndrome. Seriously, I have been horrible. I just can't see past rett syndrome I can usually strain myself to find at least one "silver lining" or back door blessing but lately......... nothing!

I've been a bitter person looking at the tree huggers and animal rights activists (and the many other organizations that don't mean a thing to me since my daughter was dragged into rett) like they are CRAZY. WHY in the world would ANYONE in their right mind support an organization like THAT when there are CHILDREN suffering and DYING???!!!

There, I said it, I'm a terrible person! BUT, (and here's my saving Grace), BUT, I don't like this person, I hate this person, I don't want to be this person at all. I have been trying to pull myself out of it for the past couple months but nothing has worked until..........

a magazine arrived the other day from Samaritans Purse. If you're not aware, Samaritans Purse is a Christian organization that assists the hurt, and impoverished. So they have this Christmas magazine that explains in detail different ways you can help improve the lives of these very deserving people. As I read through this magazine I thought,
"wow, it really could be worse".
There were ways to give to mothers who were having babies, no prenatal care, no postnatal care, there were ways to give milk to children, ways to save little girls from trafficking, and then, I saw it

every other need is so worthy, but I was moved to tears when I turned the page and saw this little girl in a wheel chair, wringing her hands (classic sign for rett syndrome) and the caption read "transform the life of a disabled child".

OK God,
I GOT it.

I have it pretty, stinkin' good! And so does my little Annie. Although suffering daily from Rett Syndrome, she is suffering in a warm house, with a family that loves and cares for her, an extended family that will always support her. Resources, physicians, health care, insurance, adaptive equipment, therapy (with the best therapists in the world I might add), and support that will never quit as long as her mommy and daddy are here.

This beautiful little girl in the magazine, rett syndrome or not, is suffering WITHOUT any of these "luxuries". She is most likely alone, abandoned by a family who couldn't afford to take care of her. I imagine her fear, her loneliness, and her sadness. It's almost too much to bear. No child should live her life alone, no child should live her life in a chair, no child should live her life unable to communicate, no child should live in poverty - NO CHILD, EVER! But when these things collide and leave a child in the most helpless of helpless places we should never allow it.

There is always someone worse off and I challenge you to find a person more deserving then an abandoned, handicapped, impoverished child. No tree in the world, no animal, takes precedence over THIS child.

Sooo, the world can scream "go green" or "save the whales" but I'm going to scream back "Lets save our kids first!"

If you agree with my bitter rantings would you join me in helping "transform the life of a disabled child". I know it's early to think about Christmas and I know that special needs parents no matter what their income typically don't have "extra money" to shell out, but I pray that we can raise enough money to help just 1 little child just $250 from now until Christmas to show an abandoned, disabled child that someone is thinking of them, that someone cares, that someone understands a little part of their suffering. Click the link if you agree and scroll down to #7, every $1, $5, $20 donation will get us closer to helping a child who is so truly deserving.


  1. I have been in almost the same funk here. When my friends call to complain about some parenting issue it takes all of my self control not to tell them to suck it up because things here are much worse. :)
    So I will be praying for you. Perhaps it will help me to not be so me focused! Thinking of you, and thanks for the response...I'll let you know when I post it.


  2. Bridget. i cannot tell you how much this resonates with me. the one thing that gets me most is Latisse. the eyelash growing serum. im mean seriously? inadequate lashes? i picture the researchers in their labs trying to grow lashes. yes its cool. and I know it sells. but RETT SYNDROME!!! so i get that whole thing. i so get it!
    im going to donate a little to help that little girl. what a great thing to do.

  3. You should be writing for a magazine. Every time I read your blog posts, you just move me to tears. Hang in there and remember that while the support isn't always where you think it should be, it's always where God knows you actually need it.


  4. hi brig,

    i read your post and i totally get it, too. one time i was talking to an amazing priest who is involved in the pro-life movement and i told him how annoyed i got when people pushed animal rights in my face and how PETA gets away with posting awful photos of tortured animals but what about an aborted baby? how about the torment that follows the woman after it's all over? he gave me advice i reflect on anytime i find myself feeling this way: "those causes matter too. there just not YOUR cause. pray for them as well."

    ever since i met you, there is no denying YOUR cause is RETT SYNDROME. and you are amazing at it. when i read you felt self-centered i almost died. didn't you and your team just raise $30,000 for research?? on top of taking care of your own family?? yep, sounds pretty self-centered to me. ;)

    you are an amazing mom and advocate. and i LOVE the links to helping disabled children in impoverished countries. manny and i were just discussing making a donation to the organization in the name of our family members for christmas, in lieu of gifts they won't use anyway.

    xoxo from the g-fam