Scott and Bridget met in 1993 and were married in 2001. In September of 2003 we welcomed our first miracle, James. 16 months later we brought home our second miracle, Annie. And in October of 2006 our family was complete with miracle #3, Gracie. Rett syndrome entered our lives when Annie was diagnosed on May 19, 2006. This is the life of the MacDonald family as we juggle 3 small children and battle Rett Syndrome until Gods perfect time when we are cured.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Annie's first day at Intensive Therapy

Annie did amazing today. My expectations were completely blown out of the water. I assumed that 3 hours of therapy would be draining on my little Annie and we would hear some moans, cries and protesting but no - my little trooper kept right on working! Her endurance was amazing and inspiring! What a great first day, can't wait to get back to work tomorrow! I promise to get some video on here just as soon as I figure out how to do that - yes, I've been trying for the past 2 weeks but at some point I'll get it ;0) Until then here are some pictures of our champion in action working her way to walking!

working those glutes!
Suiting up! kneel to stand
getting those knees to bend

balancing on 1 leg
kneel to stand
Walking on the treadmill

3 hours later - completely spent!


  1. Wow they seriously work her!!!!!!!!

  2. Way to go Annie. Your such a trooper!

  3. WOW, they were not kidding about the "intensive" part! Way to go Annie, I am so impressed!! You are one strong little girl - keep up the GREAT work!!

  4. Annie you are strong as Rockie but TWICE the Champion .... we are so proud of you !!!!Love Grandpa and Grandma O'Neill